Friday, July 23, 2010

Haii my lovely readers :)

Today, I went to Ikea to buy new candles.

On the picture you see my outfit ;) Nothing special, but I like it.

36 Followers, thank you. But I have a question, how to get more readers ?

Do you have ideas for my blog for example ?

XoXo, Mandy <333>


Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

I love your shorts. That bow adds such a wonderful touch.

bravegrrl said...

comfy summer shorts :)

the moonchild said...

want more readers? just comment like crazy on people's blogs! (: and follow. but i find blogging more about the stuff you write than the readers. obviously it's lovely when people read what you are writing, though!

come by mine?

xx rena.

steffi elina said...

dei shorts sin deck schein :) h&m?


super cute shorts, i love them :) i think too much, as well! wanting more readers is like wanting more friends, and you'll usually get them by just being yourself :)

annie. said...

danke, & ja, ich versuch's auf jeden fall (: möchte damit so alle meine freunde & generell alle auf dem laufenden halten (:
toller blog, verfolge ihn jetzt! (:

Elizabeth Faraday said...

love the shorts! and to get more readers, just completely be yourself! but your blog is amazing already! love it!


jamie-lee said...

You look cute! I would agree with what other people have said - getting a huge number of followers takes time, and people have to love your blog and what you write etc. good luck! x

SusuanaLove said...

nice shorts :)


Flattermais said...

Hey danke für den lieben kommi :)
da es mich immer intressiert wer uns auf den blog schreibt, hab ich mir deinen blog auch mal angesehn ;)
und ich find dein blog hat was, er gefällt mir :)
ich folge dir einfach mal ♥

impressionsforbreakfast said...

love your shorts!
xxx isabel