Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Haii :) today is my last day in New York. I like NYC but the weather was terrible. Tomorrow I take the plane for Los Angeles;)) big kisses and thanks for 76 followers ! When I'm back home I gonna answer to all ur comments ! Mandyy.


Joe's blog said...

Great! Waiting fo the photos!

Anya said...

welcome home! partay in the u. S. A. lol iono were that came from. maybe because the first time i heard that song was in cali. LOL


Anonymous said...

Du puupert :D miss you <3

Doris said...

thaaank you :)
I like your blog, gonna follow you :) <3

Victoria said...

Have a great trip! xxx

Lali said...

für deinen Blog kann nun bei meiner "Show Me Your Blog"-Aktion hier:

gevotet werden. :)

Liebe Grüße, Lali

Catarina Costa said...

oh my God, I would LOVE to go to NYC!!