Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It`s dark

Heyy, it`s early in the morning ( for me =P ) I slept only 5 hours and I`m so tired ! Friday begins the school :D I`m happy about that because I miss my friends... The holidays have passed quickly,but I had a lot of recreation and fun :D Right now I'm addicted to the new album by Katy Perry ! Friday Night, Firework and Peacock are my favorite songs but all the songs are amazing. Katy Perry is my favorite singer. I saw her in concert and my Number 1 Album ever is One Of The Boys :))
What do you think of her new album ? Today the gymnastics starts :D happy !
See U later ! xoxo, Mandy <3>


Jeniffer said...

enchanting photo..

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and participate for the giveaway in my blog thank you

Fashion-Resort! said...


isabelle. said...

i have just discovered you!
really nice blog,
really ''fashiony!''
shall we follow each other?


Catarina Costa said...

You love Marilyn Monroe and Katy Perry is one of my favorite singers too :D
I'm from Portugal so... sorry for my english :s