Thursday, November 11, 2010

oh oh

Hey guys ! I am sorry for the short posts this week ! Today I had an important test (mathematics ) and I had to learn. I`m not really good in math :) The weather in Luxembourg is terrible. The sky is grey, it rains and it is very cold. Do you like the type of the pics ? I think I will do that more often.

Now I describe ( from left to right ) :

1 : My new nail polish from O.P.I. I`m in love with this color

2. A poster that I bought in France

3. My lovely bag from Italy. Price : 50 euro

4. my friends ;P

5. The book, I am reading at the moment.

The story of Heidi, but with vampires and monsters. So great !

6. A photo of the plants in my garden. At this season they have such great colors !

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kisses, Mandy :D


Syrious said...

super cute things!!!
i'm followinf you hope you'll do the same

Kenziefaith said...

Great photos!

KF x

Maggie said...

das ist auch ne schöne idee....was meinst du mit kleinen büchlein?

hilima said...

awesome stuff <3

Maggie said...

oh das ist eine superschöne idee! die merk ich mir :)

du hast so ein schönen header!! wie hast du den gemacht?


Violetta E. said...


BB said...

great post!!


I love your bag!!!
Good lucky with your test!!!!! :)

xx, Elena

nicki said...

das wetter hier ist auch nicht besser es stürmt die ganze zeit :(

die nagellackfarbe ist ein traum! und das poster und die tasche würd ich mir auch sofort zulegen.

und ich hoffe der test war erfolgreich!

Vere said...

love the collor of your nailpolish! it looks great on you!
biggg kiss

Luísa Lión said...

WOW! AMAZING Header its beiuatiful! You have such a sweet blog I love it!!


Sassi said...

tolles mädchen, tolle bilder, toller blog!

Jet♥ said...

Wauw fantastic blog!
I'm going to follow you =)
I've done my nails with konad, very simple!! =)

FashionHippieLoves said...

great nailcolour!


Nora A. said...

iop, mat EF :)

Valerie said...

Nice nail colour :)

Just Like a True Star

Tiffancy said...

Your blog (and you) are quite adorable. I wish I was as cool as you when I was 15!

Elizabete said...

I like the OPI nail polish colourr! And yes,I live in Luxembourg. x