Friday, November 19, 2010

They make me happy

Me and my girls <3
Finally it`s Friday ! Wonderful . I haven`t a lot to write. This week : school, school and school again ! And after school : study ! study!
Thank you so much for 236 readers ! LOve you ! kiss, Mandy


Violetta E. said...


VicissitudiniLombarde said...

Beautiful girls! :))

SomewhereInDowntown said...

hey, danke für dein Kommetar, dein Blog is echt toll werde ihn mal verfolgen und wir würden uns waahnsinnig freuen wenn du das auch bei uns tun würest! ;)
kisses ;*

martienn said...

i like ur blog !
is amazing !
cute <333

follow me and write comment if you want ;*

beth-indahouse said...

i love my friends to
and i love your blog

jada and jon said...

love the pic!

if you girls love vintage clothing please come check us out!


Nelly said...

thaks for your comment!

I love Luxembourg! is a wonderful city!!


DeLiz said...

Hi Dear! ♥ thank you so much for your sweet comment...Your blog and your pictures are lovely :D I like them!!! What do you think to follow each other? kiss kiss
come at my blog whenever you want ♥

Tran N. said...

It's always nice to be with your girls! Love your drawing you are using as your header! :D

Thank for the lovely comment on my blog! xx

xx Tran //

Lorena said...

Me encanta el dibujo de tu blog :)
¿cómo lo has hecho?

A N G E L A said...

thanks for your comment!! :)
omg..i love your blog!!! did u do the drawing in the layout?? i love it!! ;)

i am following you!!



a!k0 said...

You and your girls are so cute, and stylish too :D Must be a blast going shopping with them ;) Ahh good luck, don't study too hard ;)



How cuteee!!! <3
Have a good weekend!