Saturday, December 11, 2010

she`s back

Hello guys !! :) After 2 weeks I am back and I promise I`m going to post regularly! I have no more tests this year ! The last weeks were very difficult,I am in the third year in classic. In Luxembourg, classic is the highest level in school. I had to learn a lot and I am not really someone who loves learning :/ My grades are good ! :D Thursday we had no school ! Too much snow ! I love Christmas, all the old movies, the food and the music, but I don`t like the cold ! On the pictures you see my winter coat. Today I was at the hairdresser, then I went to Luxembourg City ( b- day of a friend ) and later I had a dance performance with my gymnastics club ! It was amazing ! ON the pics : coat - Vero Moda
jeans - Gucci
shoes- UGGS
kiss, Mandy

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minnja said...

Love it:))))