Saturday, January 29, 2011

my bag

A lovely reader of my blog wrote me a message and asked me if I could make a post about my bag, voilà! :)
  • Paul`s Boutique bag
  • Little Kylie Minogue parfum
  • Carmex
  • YSL Mascara
  • 5 gum
  • Dove deodorant
  • Louis Vuitton wallet
  • IPhone 4
  • my camera
I wish you a great evening! kiss, Mandy


Fashion is a Sunny Day said...

your Paul's Boutique bag is soo pretty!! :)

channy said...

i love your bag!

magnolia said...

ich verwende die canon eos 450d, 50mm/1.8ef objektiv.

Luci Ana said...

beautiful bag :)

j0rdY said...

well last time, if I remember well, there was an Axe deodorant in your bag?!? :P

Alexandra said...

the bag is so beautiful

Twins said...

I like your blog!
nice post :)

Vladetta said...

Oooh. You have an amazing bag!

Klarabella said...

Carmex is the best lipstick in the world!
I have a cherry one. But in Germany there is only one with out cherry or anithing else! It's bad.

Anne.Sabrina' said...

amazing bag :) <3