Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I love male models

The videos are amazing, aren`t they? ;)
Especially the second one. Francisco Lachowski is the hottest guy in the whole world :)
See U tomorrow!


Leonie said...
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Grace said...

I love the first video!
It's fun and some of the guys are reeeeally cute!! :D

FASHION look magazine said...

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Andrea said...

ohhh tolle videos <3

Natalie Gründel said...

Danke:) Dein Blog find ich süß:)


Natalie Gründel said...

Danke:) dein Blog ist süß:)


Marta Herráez said...

Me gustan los videos!! un beso!

Samm said...

Male models always look great!

With love, Samm

Eva said...

Francisco is one of my all time favourite male models. Gosh, they're sooo handsome <3