Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I`m addicted to watermelon

Irena last Friday, I love her outfit!

my nails

My new shoes from Topshop

Me and my brother :)

some flower pictures

Hallo :) Hier ein paar Bilder die in den letzten drei Tagen entstanden sind. Heute Abend gehe ich mit meiner Klasse essen, das wird ganz schön wild... Ich nehme meine Kamera mit, also wird heute noch gepostet ;) Wir sehen uns heute Abend ;) LG♥

Hey! How are you? Here a few pics of the last three days. Nothing special, I know ;) Tonight I am going with my class to an Italian restaurant. It`ll be great! I take my camera with me, you can see the pics tonight. See U!♥


Anonymous said...

wisou ass mein gesiit sou laang gezunn :O ? <3

Catherine said...

Fun pictures! Love your friends shoes! So perfect.

The Girl in the Paper Dress

mia said...

gorgeous shoes, and so versatile!

Kristien Vorsters said...

your new shoes are awesome ! :)


Daniel said...

cool shoes! follow! :)