Sunday, July 18, 2010


jente said...

hello :)
you asked something on my blog about wherefrom the clothes and shoes were, and I thought i'll answer here :)
its from except from the oxford shoes, those were from

you have an awesome blog <3

Michaela said...

Ich liebe Marilyn, die Fotos sind wunderschön,und das Zitat auch!

Joe's blog said...

Ich bin ein riesiger Fan.
Ich male sie sogar ständig.
Ich kenne alle Filme und alle Lieder.
Mit so einem Post kann man mich immer begeistern!

nicki said...

oh marilyn du hast so recht! ich liebe sie <3

minnja said...

I love Marilyn <3

Melissa said...

Love Marilyn. Amazing. lovely blog, im following :)

Dorian Santi said...

Marilyn is still the fashion icon!! amazing blog by the way!

kisses from Italy!

take a look at my blog and follow if you want!!

My Republic of Fashion said...

Marilyn is such a legend, great pictures.:)

Thanks so much for your comment on my blog.SarahD:)

Clélia Kokoschka said...

Marilyn, si parfaite mais tellement fragile.

Jonna said...

Marilyn war sehr schön! Ich liebe diese Fotos x