Thursday, October 21, 2010

lovely, lovely

Haii guys ! How are you ? My blog has a new header and a new design, you like it ?
I think it`s wonderful :)
I am sorry that I didn`t post for 4 days, I had a lot of homework..
Tomorrow I am going to the cinema, Paranomal Activity 2 ! I love horror movies :)
In a week I am going to Nice ! :) There I will buy something for the giveaway :)
And now for the picture, a really nice and beautiful girl draw me. She has a blog too, her blog : clickk ! She is amazing, follow her ! kisses, Mandy



Mandy! I really love the draw!! it's nice ^^
I like horror films too!
You can follow us, if you want!


Ninna said...

Paranormal Activity 2 :o I wanna see that too. I hope you have fun there! :)

Fashion said...

Oohh, I love the header!! Enjoy your stay at Nice!!

Violetta E. said...

this is amazinggg

paola said...

i love it. it's so sweet!

gina said...

Love the new header!

Helen Victoria said...

Love the picture it's brilliant! Such a cool idea! Eek Paranormal Activity is seriously scary x

Slanelle said...

love that drawing !

Adama said...

This drawing is more than lovely!!!