Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 you were amazing

Las Vegas, Huntington Beach, Los Angeles, San Francisco
Rock A Field 2011 was amazing :)

I had a wonderful year...
Thanks to my parents, who make it possible for me to see the world, I love you very much
Thanks to my little crazy brother, oh what would I do without you?
Thanks to my best friend Irena, who is just awesome :)
Thanks to all my friends, you make my life complete
Thanks to all my readers, who read my blog, write comments and just make me happy. Thank you very much

Where I went to 2011:
2 times Turkey; Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Huntington Beach, London, Nizza, Dubai, Abu Dhabi,Muscat,Paris

Best moments in 2011:
I turned 16 :D
Steffi became a close friend
I met Jenny and so many other nice persons
Rock A Field
I had the funniest moments with my friends
I was mostly happy
I got my Canon camera
I had the best friend on earth (I)
I travelled to amazing places
I saw 30STM again :D
I surfed for the first time ( in California!, hell yes that`s so cool haha)

2012 I am looking forward to:
LMFAO concert with my friends
cruise with Costa
Italy with my family
Ruf vacation with Steffi
funny moments with friends
ROCK A FIELD!!! Two days :D



SusuanaLove said...

Great Photos!
Happy New Year
love Susuana xx

Marzena said...

Amazing photos ! You had a great time in 2011 ! This same in 2012 to You ! :)

Samm said...

Great blogpost!
Happy NewYear!

With love, Samm

Asli said...

dankeschön :) schöner rückblick! :)