Monday, February 27, 2012

New Lense

My mom took this picture this afternoon ( old lense)
Hey! I finally got my new lense! I am so so happy! 50mm f/1.4USM
On the first picture you see me wearing my new blouse from London, I`m in love :)


Greta said...

awwww 50mm 1.4 is soooooo cool :-)

Greta von What ever

Greta said...

vielen dank <3 oh gott du arme dann bist du ja NUR am lernen :O

Greta von What ever

Siska said...

die bluse ist super!

Luciapink said...

I like it!

Anna Grostina said...

Oh, I just got a new lens as well, and it's almost the same as yours only f/1.8! It's really nice, I know. The photos that you took are wonderful as well, like always! You have a talent at photography.

Despina T. said...

oh these photos now look so great!!!love ur butterfly printed top.