Friday, February 24, 2012

London Haul

Hello :) On the pictures you see some things I bought in London!
Thank you so much for 460 followers! I am so happy!
Wish you a lovely Saturday! Kisses


Anonymous said...

ooh that butterflies blouse is so cute (:

Catarina said...

thank you <3 lovely blog and pictures! x

!♥ MIMI said...

Oh I love the colour of the cropped knit. And the butterfly print on the blouse!


Anonymous said...

ohhh the blouse with the cat-print is soooo cute :)

:) ♥

IONA said...

oh myyyyy! the second to last picture, with the heels and the two blouses - they are BEAUTIFUL. i am so jealous. and im also in love with that f21 knit!

Hannah said...

Lovely purchases! You have such a sweet blog, and thank you for your comment on mine!