Friday, February 24, 2012


Yesterday was awesome! I spent the day with some lovely ladies! We went to Saarbrücken and shopped at Primark and other shops. It was so much fun and really nice to meet them again! Please take a look at their blogs: Jenny Steffi Ines Nathalie Aline Kristiana Elizabete Nora


Mandy said...
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Lory said...

Tausend Dank, das Kompliment kann ich nur zurückgeben! =)

xxxx Lory

AaReAn said...

what a lovely day...your friends look like so much fun! :-)


p.s. you should check out my blog all about color I think you would really enjoy it!

Tiana said...

i absolutely love your blog header :) and shopping is always fun when its done with your best gals :D

btw -- i do get the kourtney kardashian thing all the time! but thats so sweet :D she's beautiful!

tiana of l'esthetique

Anonymous said...

you have really good camera ;)